James 1

James 1 begins hitting hard right out of the gate.  After the author identifies himself as James and addresses the twelve scattered tribes of Israel, he wastes no time in addressing difficult topics.

James begins by telling Christians to rejoice when they face trials and temptations.

He then goes on to advocate seeking wisdom while discussing the pitfalls of doubt.

Next, James advocates humility among Christians

In James 1:12 he returns to the topic of trials and discusses the reward for success.

Continuing on with the theme of trials and temptations, James discusses the source of our temptations.

James then contrasts our sinful desires with good and perfect gifts from God.

After this he switches gears to discuss what comes out of one’s mouth.  This is a theme that will be picked up again in James 3.

While a believer is to rid themselves of anger and moral filth, they should take in God’s Word and be sure to apply it at as well.

Finally, James closes the chapter by discussing what is acceptable religion.  This theme will be repeated with different terms throughout the book.

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